8th Traditional Festival Statos – St. Fotios September 11, 2017 – Posted in: Events, Festival, News

Sunday, 17 September from 11 am @Statos-Ag.Fotios village (Paphos)

During the festival the following events will take place:
* Exhibition of traditional tools, equipment and professions
* Traditional plowing
* Planting of vines
* Threshing with doukani (traditional threshing machine)
* Presentation of local wineries and industries

Exhibition and demonstration of the preparation of local traditional products such as:
* Zivania distillation
* Preparation of ppalouze and shoushouko
* Preparation of trachana, halloumi cheese and anari
* Preparation of village bread
* Tsamarella (dried meat)
* “Resi” (a traditional wedding delicacy)
* Fruit preserves
* Τraditional cookies steeped in grape syrup
* Traditional pancakes

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