Myrianthi Konstantinidou lives in the village of Statos – Agios Fotios in Paphos area. Her family’s tradition in hagiography began in 1961. Since her childhood she has helped her father in his hagiography workshop, closely watching the entire process and learning the secrets of hand-made icons and frescoes, thus taking the first basic incentives. She started working professionally with the painting of portable icons and the complete creation of iconostasis in many churches of Cyprus. Many of her portable icons are exhibited in important private collections in Cyprus, Europe, Russia and America. She accepts orders with worldwide shipping.

She is using the traditional Byzantine style technique. On a properly prepared wood (foundation with linen gauze, chalk and zarten glue) she draws the theme, using gold leaves of 22-24KT. She paints the icon using natural powder colours (egg tempera), dissolved with egg yolk, water, and vinegar. As a final stage, she varnishes the icon with natural resins. All materials are unchanged over time. Moreover, each icon is being accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and a Seal of Approval by the Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus.

Find her in the privately-owned workshop and exhibition facilities in the village of Statos – Agios Fotios in Paphos area, where you can learn all the stages of the creation of the handmade Byzantine icon (wood preparation and hagiography).

In 2019 awarded at the international competition of I.A.O. (Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy) of “THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS”.

In 2021 and 2022 participates in the grant scheme for visitable craft and wine gastronomy workshops in mountainous, remote, and rural areas through the De Minimis Aid Programme by the Ministry of Tourism.