International Icon Competition February 4, 2020 – Posted in: News

The hagiographer Myrianthi Konstantinidou was distinguished in the international icon painting competition announced by the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy (I.A.O.), on the theme “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”.

The hagiography competition initially gathered 222 entries from 19 countries. The judges choose 63 hagiographers, including M. Konstantinidou, the only Cypriot hagiographer. The winners presented their icons to a ceremony in April 2019 and participated in a pictorial art symposium organized by the I.A.O. in collaboration with the Orthodox Academy of Crete, at Chania.

The symposium was attended by 40 hagiographers and experts from 14 countries around the world. Hagiography workshops were organized (M. Κonstantinidou painted the Virgin Mary of Kykkos monastery) and donated to the Orthodox Academy of Crete.

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